No More White Lights


February 14, 2009 by MK


Seriously.  We’re STILL doing this whole “sky-lights-up-and-everyone-travels-back-and-forth-in-time” thing 14 times an episode — after 5 friggin’ episodes!!!!  What a convenient excuse for not writing.  Just in case we need to get someone out of a tough situation, we always have a backup plan.  Things go wrong, we turn the sky white, screech the ears up and, presto, we move somewhere else, easily getting us out of that hairy situation.  Then, guess what happens?  We get into another hairy situation!  But, no worries, the sky will go white any second now!  Ooh, my ears are screeching.  Oh boyo, luckily it’s happening again.  Ain’t Lost grand?

I hereby impose a full ban on the sky going white on Lost.  And if you hear a giant screeching noise ever again, the show should end because they’ve officially run out of ideas.

And, by the way, can we focus on 5 characters instead of the 78 that we’ve had the pleasure of not caring about each week?  Streamline!

We’ve seen you do the best and most original show on television before without the gimmick of time travel.  Do it again.  Keep the sky black!

Otherwise I’m gonna hope that my sky turns white and I go back to season 4.


One thought on “No More White Lights

  1. mikey d says:

    Agreed! What’s so hard about following Jack, Sayed (sp), Kate, and the other MAIN characters’ story lines? They got you to the dance, and you abandon them for Faraday & Co.?! We fell in love with Lock, Sawyer, & Hurley, but only get teased in return. Personally, I think Ben, Sayed, Jack, or Kate have enough interesting background to have successful spin-offs. But now the show stars a white light. Wow, sometimes the answer is right in front of you…but then a mysterious bright light appears and…
    Mikey D

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