Why I Won’t Be Seeing This Movie: Hitchcock

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September 21, 2012 by MK

1. I haven’t seen something this frightening since Marlon Brando was told they were shelving the McRib until after his death.  I mean, really, he looks like a reanimated zombie muppet butler bent on poisoning the food supply.  In Clue terms, it was Mr. Hopkins in the 12 lbs. of makeup with the knife.

2. “Good evening”???  These will be the words that roll around my brain like a monster truck as I try to scrub out this image in just enough time for 2 hours of half-sleep.

3. What’s most troubling is this is actually an overhead photo of the real Hitchcock lying on his deathbed.

4. I never thought I’d long for the days when Anthony Hopkins looked more like this:

This movie sucks.  And I haven’t even seen it.


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