For Your Consideration: Kyle Chandler


February 12, 2009 by MK


Someone get this man an Emmy.  Kyle Chandler – through his work as Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights – is the picture of a man’s struggle for values, dignity, fairness and community.

Friday Night Lights is about real people with real problems on the way to redemption.  It’s not about some idiot who wraps his court case in a bow every week and then has a celebratory scotch and cigar.  Coach Taylor’s scotch is well-earned and for that, he deserves a little recognition.  The scene from last week’s episode in which he gave Smash the quintessential pep talk was Exhibit A in Chandler’s ability to play the big moment with understatement, while still producing the waterworks.

If you’re not watching this show, start.  With Lost limping out of the gates this year, FNL is the best show on television.  And Chandler is the biggest reason why.


2 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Kyle Chandler

  1. mikey d says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Not sure I like the idea of losing great characters like Smash and, soon, Jason (& his buddy, I presume), but this show kicks ass consistently and gets no love at Emmy time, which is a travesty when you look at who does get nominated. This is Shakespeare compared to most of the others. “I wanna play football for the coach” (Lou Reed)
    Mikey D

  2. Meg says:

    Agreed. This show is so good that even if you hate football or even if you hate sports, you’ll still like this show. The relationship between the Taylors is so great to watch.

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