For Your Consideration: Idris Elba


May 2, 2009 by MK


You may not know his name but you know “the look.”  Dead-serious eyes on broad shoulders and advancing neck.  Idris Elba is not to be trifled with.  Unless, of course, your name is Michael Scott.


To go from playing business-minded Stringer Bell on The Wire to the dissimilarly business-minded Charles Miner on The Office is no easy feat.  Like Wire-alumnus Amy Ryan before him, Elba’s presence brought a sorely needed kick-in-the-ass to the proceedings at everyone’s favorite Scranton branch.  Michael vs. Charles was a matchup for the ages, setting up the series refresh that was the Michael Scott Paper Company.  By creating “the un-Michael,” he threw the office, and us, for a loop, choosing to underplay at every step along the way.  Here’s hoping we see him (and Amy Ryan!) somewhere in Dunder Mifflin’s future.

Side Note:  This man deserves a better vehicle than playing second banana to Beyonce in Obsessed.  He’d make a helluva James Bond.


2 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Idris Elba

  1. tdub says:

    heard of appetite for destruction?????

  2. […] I have one blog post about a British black guy.  You’re welcome Idris Elba. […]

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