1,000 Reasons Not to Live Before You Die!


April 27, 2009 by MK


Creed reunites:


Five years after their highly acrimonious split, Creed are reforming for a new album and an American tour, which kicks off August 6th in Pittsburgh and runs through October 14th. “I wouldn’t call it a reunion,” says singer Scott Stapp. “It’s a renewing and a rebirth. I missed my boys and wanted to create music with them again. We’re all thrilled to have a second chance to make a first impression.”

A rebirth, ‘ey?  Can we re-abort?

Thanks God.  Thanks a lot.


8 thoughts on “1,000 Reasons Not to Live Before You Die!

  1. Jerry MaDick says:

    I’m up for a re-grunge party so we can re-place Stapp’s mug on a dart board and we re-nail it with darts for prizes.

  2. get a life says:

    You have no life. Way to create a website to bash a music group that is making music. If you do not like the band, why would you give a damn. Just live your own life and not worry about making pointless comments.

    Grow up, get a job and worry about the making something out of your self.

  3. Logan Franks says:

    Ok I agree Creed rocks so you know what go get a life you ass hole.

  4. Derian Arbour says:

    yes logan, jerry should relly get a life cause how old you have to be to wright thiss shit i’m 14 and im personaly saying creed in an amazing band

  5. SS says:

    Bash a band that have top the charts countless times, album sales have broke records, arenas and stadiums have sold out every tour! But that’s okay if you don’t like us! To each his own! Why don’t you post a picture of yourself so I can throw darts at your face! LOL

  6. Ester says:

    LOL, SS, you’re a genius.
    I just don’t get it why people have to build up websites so they can write all the shit they want. Just get a notebook and make it your personal journal.

  7. kk says:

    yah no shytt all u shytt talkin ppl need to get a life… u must like them if ur actually takin ur time to write ur crap duhhh!! i think CREED is an AMAZING band… u dont hav to agree with my thats ok but u rlly dont hav to post all ur bull crap on the internet jus like Ester said get a notebook n write ur shytt there!! n liike SS post ur pic out so we can print it out n throw darts at ur face!!

  8. ian says:

    whoever made this page can shut the fuck up cuz creed is more successful then youll ever be. if i new who wrote this i wuld punch u in the face and laugh at u. creed rocks

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