Asserting Dominance


April 2, 2009 by MK

This is how you deal with a dog.  Letterman FTW.

Meanwhile, in opposite-of-good-land:

NBC’s Boston affiliate, WHDH-TV, has decided to run a 10 p.m. newscast instead of the network’s planned Jay Leno show in the fall, according to Variety. Station chief Ed Ansin told the Boston Globe he doesn’t believe the late-night host will be “effective” in prime time, which would be “detrimental” to the bottom line of WHDH’s 11 o’clock news program; instead, Ansin plans to run two hours of news back-to-back leading into the Conan O’Brien-hosted Tonight Show. NBC retaliated by threatening to strip WHDH of its network affiliation, and is reportedly considering a transfer of its flagship programming to the local Telemundo channel, WNEU.

Now, we just need to get the remaining cities on board.

Finally, to see what a real pro looks like, witness Teen Wolf himself, Michael J. Fox.  He’s been coming on Letterman for years and always knocks it out of the park.  The lost art of being a talk show guest:


One thought on “Asserting Dominance

  1. Jerry MaDick says:

    Well executed. I actually think Bill left that interview willing to come back in the future! Ha!

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