The Torch


March 13, 2009 by MK


With his had-it-up-to-here evisceration of Jim Cramer last night, Jon Stewart solidified his place in late night history.  He, and only he, is the rightful owner of David Letterman’s seat when Dave decides to hang it up.  Case in point, succinct sarcasm of the highest order:

Cramer:  We got 17 hours of live TV a day to do.

Stewart:  Maybe you could cut down on that.

In one line, Stewart checkmates Cramer.  It’s that kind of nimble-minded, cutting remark that has been Letterman’s stock-in-trade for almost 30 years now.  Most recently found in the infamous Joaquin Phoenix interview when he finished with, “I think we owe Farrah Fawcett an apology.”  Letterman and Stewart are the laser-guided missiles of comedy, always knowing when to blend sarcasm and intellect to punctuate a moment.


It’s a cliche by now, but the most insightful and competent interviews of public figures is being done on late night comedy shows, specifically those of Letterman and Stewart.  Sad statement about our society, yes, but at least there’s someone looking out for us.

As Letterman was the rightful heir to Carson, Stewart is the rightful heir to Letterman.  And that’s saying something.


3 thoughts on “The Torch

  1. Jerry MaDick says:

    I think you’re absolutely right. They’d better not F this up with Jimmy Kimmel or something, instead.

  2. Jerry MaDick says:

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more likely this wont’ happen. Because its too perfect.

  3. dekWardette says:

    OMG enjoyed reading your post. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

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