Back from the Dead: 24


February 11, 2009 by MK


A jump-the-shark season 6, a writer’s strike and a jail stint later, 24 has somehow reversed course and become a good show again.  Sure, the whole enterprise is preposterous (The First Gentleman is temporarily paralyzed!  The main villain is having an affair with a D.C. waitress!  Torture works!) but suspension of disbelief has always been a prerequisite for the show.

Now that we’re 8 solid episodes in, it’s officially safe to rejoin Mr. Bauer and crew as they unravel a government conspiracy in the final 2/3 of the season.  This quasi-Alias angle was a smart one, as it allowed Bauer to regroup, literally.  The team of Bill Buchanan, Chloe and Tony Almeida brings 24 back to the characters we loved in the first place.  Most importantly, the focus is where it belongs — on the action.  Because if 24 doesn’t work first and foremost as an action show, it’s too easy to mock the House of Cards that is the plot.

As long as they don’t resurrect Wayne Palmer, Chloe’s ex-husband Morris or Jack’s evil father from Babe: The Pig, we should be just fine.

Boop.  Boop.  Boop.  Boop.

Grade through First 1/3 of Season:  B+


2 thoughts on “Back from the Dead: 24

  1. Meg says:

    Uh oh, Morris made a cameo on last night’s episode!

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