Sober House Makes Me Wanna Drink

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January 28, 2009 by MK

Previously, I extolled the virtues of Celebrity Rehab. Reality TV at its finest. Now comes Sober House – the halfway house sequel to Rehab.


I never thought I would long for the days of Jeff Conaway kicking women in the chest. But somehow, I do. And that “somehow” has much to do with Steven Adler, former drummer for Guns N Roses.  Whereas Celebrity Rehab was initially depressing and ultimately uplifting, Sober House is initially depressing and ultimately heartbreaking.  And this is after the first two episodes!  I can’t tell if watching Sober House is a prescription for never wanting to do a single drug in the world or a reason to do every single drug in the world.

Unfortunately, Adler’s been doing this routine for years and years – witness this Hard Copy* profile from 1996:

*Side Note:  Remember when Hard Copy was the Downfall of Civilization As We Know It?  Nowadays, everything is Hard Copy — making the actual Hard Copy look quaint.


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