Top 15 Uses of Song in a Movie [Alternate Universe]


January 9, 2009 by MK

So, I lived up to the title of the blog and forgot some very important [and, quite frankly] obvious songs.  Also, there have been a lot of great suggestions, so it demands Alternate Universe picks.  (note:  sticking to one per movie)

15. You’re the Best Around from Karate Kid – one song montage motivation!  So horrible it’s awesome.

14. My Endless Love from Happy Gilmore – hilarious if you wait for the reveal.

13. My Sharona from Reality Bites – Ah, dancing in a gas station.

12. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go from Zoolander – Ah, dancing in a gas station.

11. A Quick One from Rushmore – Release the bees!

10. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You from The Deer Hunter – Like ‘Beautiful Girls’… if they all went to Vietnam (hat tip Nancy).

9. Red Red Wine from Bringing Out The Dead – Wine as blood.  Again, Marty with the Christ metaphors.

8. You Never Can Tell from Pulp Fiction – Travolta dances again!  On heroin!

7. The Sound of Silence from The Graduate – one of the magnificent endings.  Uncertainty personified.

6. Puttin’ on the Ritz from Young Frankenstein – okay, so this is the funniest use of song in a movie.  Ever. (hat tip Anne D)

5. Fire and Rain from Running on Empty – both in the kitchen scene and in the ending, a wonderful mix of melancholy and celebration.  Very underrated movie with standout performances from Judd Hirsch and River Phoenix.

4. Best of My Love from Boogie Nights – killer opening, killer tracking shot, killer song.

3. In Your Eyes from Say Anything – Cameron Crowe can really do no wrong (if you forget about Elizabethtown) and this was his first classic movie/music scene.

2. The End from Apocalypse Now – madness as Kurtz ends.  Best shot:  Sheen rising from the muddy water.

1. Layla from GoodFellas – the original master of pop music in movies, Scorsese turns in a bravura sequence that reminds us the best part of Layla is the outro.


8 thoughts on “Top 15 Uses of Song in a Movie [Alternate Universe]

  1. frankp316 says:

    Sixty Minute Man by Billy Ward & The Dominoes from the bathtub scene in Bull Durham.

  2. jhyatt says:

    werewolves of london in color of money

  3. Anesti Vega says:

    The Soggy Bottom Boys singing “I am a Man of Constant Sorrow” in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Instant Classic. Period. haha

    Great collection, keep up the great work!

    Much respect,

  4. Jerry MaDick says:

    I want to say it was “Real Men” by Savage Republic in “Silence of the Lambs”. The tuck scene. Mmm, kids!

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  7. sammijo says:

    Donovan’s “Atlantis” during the scene where Joe Pesci’s character beats that dude to death. The irony of that song juxtaposed against the violence of that scene. Whew!

    Rushmore had one of the best all-around soundtracks IMHO. Love the “bees” scene into “A Quick One…” I always felt like Jason Schwartzman sticking his gum on the wall as he left the elevator was improvised. I’m probably wrong, but it’s just so rightly done for that character.

    Great list!

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