The Opposite of Curious


January 7, 2009 by MK


I’d still do him too.

In their round-up of David Fincher’s Q&A in New York the other night, The Carpetbagger relays some of the great director’s thoughts on his latest opus, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

“I was trying to illustrate that youth is not wasted on the young,” he said.

Fair enough.  But it’s too bad that my time was wasted on this movie.  Specifically, the languid nothingness of Mr. Pitt’s title character.  It’s a lot to ask for any movie to entertain us for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  But when that movie has a blank-canvas protagonist, it makes the mind wander to curious places like the theater bathroom.  “If I walk slowly and wash my hands twice, I might just take 5 minutes out of this experience.”

And then you’re back to watching Brad Pitt do nothing.

But all is not lost. There’s still the past!  Watch David Fincher’s masterpiece from 2007, Zodiac, a procedural of the highest order that asks, “How far do you go if there is no end?”

And there’s always Fight Club.


3 thoughts on “The Opposite of Curious

  1. lostfeliz says:

    I agree. Pitt didn’t act in this movie. They just found the best lighting / background combo to just make him look good. He never even changed the look on his face.

  2. shiftlesswhenidle218 says:

    Button = Great short story, terrible movie.

    “Zodiac” was terrific.

    I was so much happier when “Alien 3” was the worst thing on Fincher’s resume.

  3. […] a technical wizard who can pack a punch (unless his main character is aging backwards).  It looked like he would do a certain type of movie well forever until he took the proverbial […]

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