The Who Present A Lesson in Rock and Roll


January 6, 2009 by MK

As the story goes, the Rolling Stones were not happy with The Who after filming 1968’s “Rock & Roll Circus.”  The “Circus” was put together by the Stones as an all-star concert for the BBC.

It never aired.

Rumor has it the reason was a subpar Stones performance that was completely overshadowed by the force of life represented in the following clip.  In my arrogant opinion, the greatest live performance.  Of.  All.  Times.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Who, for the win.

SIDE NOTE:  The Rolling Stones are perhaps the most overrated of classic rock bands.  Discuss.

The Beatles = Better

Led Zeppelin = Better

Pink Floyd = Better

The Doors = Better

The Who = see below


2 thoughts on “The Who Present A Lesson in Rock and Roll

  1. Eddie says:

    I could not agree more about the Stones! I have never liked them and still cannot understand to this day how people want to go see these guys ( who are my dads age) in concert. I will admit they have a couple great and classic songs. (sympathy for the devil, can’t always get what you want) but come on. To be considered on of the best if not the best is an insult to those who are truly better! (beatles, zepplin, who, U2, The wiggles)

  2. Jerry MaDick says:

    In short, they are the Brett Favre of rock’n’roll.

    I think the Stones are a classic case of not knowing when to quit. And not just b/c they continue TO. THIS. DAY. But even in the earlier days you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a new Stones album. Early on I think they were great and up there with the best (Zeppelin, Who, Doors, etc.). They just had too many fans, managers and David Bowie, telling them everything they touch is orgasmic. They went from solid albums with classic songs in between bluesy sounding solid tunes, to mediocre albums with a good song, to bad albums. I think they’re surprised they’re still alive so they’re just going to continue until they die.

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