Top of the Pops 2008


January 2, 2009 by MK

What’s that?  You’re tired of reading other people’s “best-of” lists and would rather eat a bar of Dove?  Well, time to eat soap.


1.  Vampire Weekend [Vampire Weekend] Bottom line:  The most eminently listenable album of the year.  Favorite Song:  M79
2.  Fleet Foxes [Fleet Foxes] If Crosby, Stills & Nash let Brian Wilson join the group instead of Neil Young.  Favorite Song:  He Doesn’t Know Why
3.  Gnarls Barkley [The Odd Couple] Darker than their first but still chockfull of great songs.  Can’t wait for the third.  Favorite Song:  Going On
4.  Kings of Leon [Only by the Night] Achtung Leon.  There grasp at mainstream popularity only missteps a few times.  Not a record this year with more hooks.  Favorite Song:  Manhattan
5.  The Walkmen [You & Me] Keywords: Holidays, Snowing, Driving, Night, Alone.  More of a mood or place than an album.  Favorite Song:  In the New Year
6.  MGMT [Oracular Spectacular] Best singles band of the year.  Time to Pretend, Electric Feel & Kids are enough on their own to make the top 10.  Favorite Song:  Time to Pretend
7.  Lindsey Buckingham [Gift of Screws]  I got back into Fleetwood Mac this year and it extended all the way to Buckingham’s new record.  If you like the Mac, you’ll like Screws.  Favorite Song (and best song of the year):  Time Precious Time
8.  The Black Keys [Attack & Release]  They still haven’t approached their live heights, but this is as tight an album they’ve made.  Favorite Song:  All You Ever Wanted
9.  Elvis Costello [Momofuku]  Ol’ Declan put together an album in 2 weeks and it shows.  Ragged, fun and relaxed.  Favorite Song:  No Hiding Place
10.  Coldplay [Viva La Vida]  Keep your snide comments to yourself, this is just solid songcraft aided and abetted by Brian Eno.  Note to new bands:  It’s okay to use melody in songs.  Favorite Song: Death and All His Friends
Honorable Mention: Kanye West [808’s & Heartbreak], TV on the Radio [Dear Science], Jenny Lewis [Acid Tongue], Ryan Adams [Cardinology], Black Crowes [Warpaint], Beck [Modern Guilt]

2008 Playlist (email if you want one)

1. Life In Technicolor ~ coldplay
2. Orphans ~ beck
3. M79 ~ vampire weekend
4. Golden Age ~ tv on the radio
5. Manhattan ~ kings of leon
6. All You Ever Wanted ~ black keys
7. Make My Day ~ common
8. Paranoid ~ kanye west
9. No Hiding Place ~ elvis costello
10. Crossed Out Name ~ ryan adams
11. White Winter Hymnal ~ fleet foxes
12. Going On ~ gnarls barkley
13. Cappuccino ~ the knux
14. Acid Tongue ~ jenny lewis
15. Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution ~ black crowes
16. Time To Pretend ~ mgmt
17. American Boy ~ estelle w/ kanye west
18. Something Is Not Right With Me ~ cold war kids
19. In the New Year ~ the walkmen
20. Time Precious Time ~ lindsey buckingham

Favorite Movies:


1. In Bruges – Charming and unexpected.

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – same as #1.

3. The Wrestler – if you dig 70’s movies like The Last Detail, you’ll like this.  Rourke is what they say he is — comeback great.

The Rest — The Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, Wall-E, The Visitor, Iron Man, Slumdog Millionaire

Best Night of the Year: Election Night


Concert of the Year: Eddie Vedder at The Auditorium Theater

Just Don’t Get It: Lil’ Wayne

I Hate Him But Damn If He Didn’t Knock It Out of The Park: Colin Farrell in In Bruges

Comedian of the Year: Fred Armisen

Best TV Comedy: The Office

Best TV Drama: Lost

Needs to thank Jehovah for Alec Baldwin: Tina Fey

Favorite Single Thing on TV: A Colbert Christmas

Overlooked and Outstanding: Generation Kill

Hate Self For Liking: Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”

Perennially great comedy role that will probably get overlooked come Oscar time: Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

When he does stuff like this it’s actually hard to dislike him: Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder


Worst Title/George Lucas Please Stop/Would Like to Unsee/Kill My Nostalgia Award: Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Glad they’re trying to always do new things but sorry it’s a misfire: My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges

Great in Movie, Dreadful as Award Show Host: Russell Brand

Strange Bedfellow: Andrew Sullivan

Best Blog There Is: Jeffrey Wells’ ‘Hollywood Elsewhere’

Unnecessary Self-Sabotage Award: ‘House’ bringing in 3 bad new people to replace 3 good old people.

Should Have Stuck With Masturbation: David Duchovny

Always Comes Through When It Matters: David Letterman

Unsung Late Night Hero: Charlie Rose

Enough Already: Jay Leno

Still Listen to: Howard Stern


Time Machine Award for Worst Event of 1963: Charles & Sarah Heath procreate to make the future Mrs. Todd Palin.

2009 Can’t Wait: New Pearl Jam!

Coolest Guy Ever: Paul Newman

Good Night Everybody!


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